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David Poras
Head of Content, MS Math Teacher
Questions on using Polypad? Check out the tutorial page at or search past posts on this thread. Can't find your answer? Post a new question here!
Albert P. Carpenter
Mathematical Artist and Designer
Hi, I make topological knots from nets like this one (attached). How can I post knot nets using polypad that are in the public domain and available to be downloaded and printed? Thank you, Bert
Will the INTERMEDIATE section of the courses be updated? I am very interested in incorporating Mathigon into my curriculum but the incomplete state of the courses make it difficult to do so. While I find Mathigon to be exciting and fun, the amount of time I am spending setting an alternative option, my colleagues and I are inclined to letting go of our ambitions to utilize Mathigon. Any update on development would be appreciated so that we can make the best choice for our students. Thank you.