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6th grade teacher
Asked a question 11 months ago

Is there any way to add student accounts into my class without adding their email addresses? My board approves mathigon, but only for student use if they sign up using class code and not providing personal information like email addresses. But when I try to sign them up, this doesn't appear to be an option. I've also tried to sign them up individually by creating restricted accounts as they are under 13, using my email address (as recommended in a webinar this summer) -- I was under the impression I would just have to approve each student individually -- but it tells me that email address is already registered with an account (it is -- mine) and it won't let me sign the students up. Please help! Is there a way to add them without their emails??

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David Poras
Head of Content, MS Math Teacher

Check out the video called "Creating Classes and Adding Students" at Start around the 2:40 mark and you'll see how to create restricted accounts. I just tried it and entered in an email I have a teacher account for and it worked fine. So that should do the trick!