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David Poras
Head of Content, MS Math Teacher
Asked a question 11 months ago

What new type of manipulative or tool would you most like to see on Polypad?

Where am I?

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I'd love to be able to resize the polygons.

Minoli Dediwalage
Teacher, Acting Maths Learning Specialist and PhD student

Digital and Analogue clocks

Steve Phelps
Instructional Technology Consultant, Mathematics Consultant - HCESC

Since I am always thinking of probability simulations, it would be cool to be able to keep track of what is rolled or flipped or chosen in a table automatically for you. Dot plot on a number line, too.

Heather O'Brien
Associate Professor of Mathematics

I am going to give more than one.  ;-)

  1. For Numbers I would like Place  Value Discs with the bundling and un-bundling capability, as well as division representation
  2. For Geometry I would like a compass.
  3. For Geometry a Geoboard.  Although there are many other good Geoboard Apps available it would be nice if teachers did not have to send elementary students to another location.

I would love to have an abacus -- Japanese-style (Soroban) would be great. (1 five-bead and 4 one-beads for each place value.)

I would like an additional vertical bar (for =) to use for solving equations with algebra tiles (i.e equation mat).  


It would be great if, on Polypad, when you click on a drawn line's settings, something like "turn into a dashed line" would be an option. This would be for graphing inequalities or system of inequalities. Thank you!