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Flash Cards

Hi! My students are using Multiplication by Heart, but their progress/timing (which I see) is not registering on my dashboard -- it is just a grid of zeroes. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hello, I have students using Multiplication by Heart. I have a couple students who when they go to do it, it says they have already practiced for the day. But they have not. This has happened on more than one occasion. At times, if we log out and/or close the browser and go back in, it then works. But this is working less and less. Anyone know how to solve this? Thanks.
Anyone know of something like Multiplication by Heart, but for adding and subtracting integers? My students are benefitting from having their multiplication facts memorized and would like to use a similar tool for addition and subtraction.

Edit: There are a number of tools for simple addition or subtraction without negative numbers. But it'd be great if the Mathigon magic could be applied to cards with negatives (both as terms being operated on and results) like –4 + –12 or 3 – 9. I think my kids would benefit a lot.
Lourdes Rocafort
Academic Interventionist_Math
How do I assign the Multiplication by Heart?