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Welcome to the Mathigon Teacher Community!

Welcome to the Mathigon Teacher Community!

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Mr Fabreguettes
Secondary Maths Teacher (UK)
Hello. I would like to measure the length of a line as well as the area of a circle. On videos I found on youtube there is a ... option to bring up these bits of info straightaway but it looks they are no longer available on the current live version of Mathigon. How do you do this now?
Also, is it possible to label the sectors on a pie chart? thank you!
David Poras
Head of Content, MS Math Teacher

Hi Bernadette. Thanks for your question. It is not possible to easily rotate about a point. Visit to view complete user guides for all our tile categories. Thanks!

Hello, is it possible, to make objects like rectangles bigger without zooming in? I just need them to be bigger to cut, copy and draw things in it.

Zooming in leads to bigger lines... so that the lines are alomst as big as the surface area :(