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Jane Molnar
math teacher, author
Asked a question 6 months ago

I have students to whom I've assigned dozens of polypad files so far. When they open their assignments file, they see the long list, and they also see a subset of this (all the ones they have done and saved) shifted to the left below. It is very hard for both them and me to identify from the long upper list which assignments are still left for a given student to do. (It might be 5 out of 30 left to do, for example.) My students have requested that the file list be split into "done" and "to do", with files shifting out of "to do" and into "done" as they complete and save them. Is there a way to do this? Thank you! The longer we use polypad, the harder it gets to find the not-yet-done ones in the alphabetical list! They love working in the polypad which is why I am having to spend an hour or two every day making new ones for them and why the list is getting so cumbersome :-).

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David Poras
Head of Content, MS Math Teacher

Too many Polypads is the kind of problem we like to hear about! The "Done" and "To Do" feature is a good idea and I'll add it to our ongoing list of teacher suggested features. I don't think we'll get that out as an update anytime in the short-term. A few suggestions in the meantime:

  • Student can make Folders for their saved Polypads. The can call one folder "Done" and drag the ones they've finished into that folder. 
  • If you're done with one, you can "Unassign" the Polypad to your classes in our teacher dashboard and then it won't show up in their assignments anymore.
  • You can give them time one day to delete ones (or put into a different folder) the ones they no longer need. 

Hope this helps somewhat!