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Victoria Miles (Vicki)
Math Curriculum Specialist
Asked a question 10 months ago

Next year I will have a new role in my district, as K-8 Curriculum and Instruction Specialist. Do any teachers or coaches in this group have a favorite lesson or tool to use with elementary math students?

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I used Mathigon polypad all the time with third grade students, good for grades 1 and 2 too. 1) Tangrams to introduce types of triangles and angles. Also sides of equal length and combining triangles into new shapes. Finally the traits and kinds of symmetry 2) Unit squares on the grid background for multiplication  (arrays, columns, rows) then transferred that concept to area; used the cutting tool to show that 2 half-squares = 1sq unit and then introduced perimeter. 3) Fraction bars on a number line to remind kids fractions are less than a whole. Equivalent fractions. Adding and subtracting fractions. 4) Connecting division to fractions, remainder is a fraction of the whole

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