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David Poras
Head of Content, MS Math Teacher

Hi Andrew. I saw your other question about the new Customize UI options. I wonder if this update from a few weeks ago is impacting some if your embedding Polypads? Maybe try opening the embedded Polypad within Polypad, change the options to those you want using the new "Customize UI" panel, save the canvas, and then get the embed code from the Sharing menu on the left. Can you give this a try and let me know if it takes care of the issue? Thanks!

There seems to be a problem with clocks, or have we overlooked a setting? In the teacher's Polypad Dashboard for the activity, on the thumbnails, the students appear to have answers marked correct (and indeed, looking over their shoulders, they did answer correctly). But when that Polypad is opened, either from that thumbnail, or from the Google Classroom submitted assignment, or when the student re-opens it, the minutes are all missing, and the problems thus marked incorrect. It looks like the clocks may be rounding to the hour on submission--or maybe something else is going on?
Kristin Dougherty
6th Grade Math/Science Teacher
My co-teacher and I absolutely love mathigon. She created a canvas in polypad this week for dividing fractions using fraction bars. Problem: we went to grade the work and I don't have access to the student work that she assigned for that canvas.
Is there a keyboard shortcut to zoom in/out the canvas ?